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How it all began...

As a big horror movie and music fan, I was always disappointed with the lack of fashion choices for women - it was basically a men’s tee or nothing! In 2005, I began selling my clothing on e-bay, then on Etsy, and eventually started selling on my own website. Everything was very much DIY and still is! I create my own styles and patterns, sew my garments, photograph and edit the photos, design my graphics, and build/code my own website.

Growing up, I was surrounded by fashion and creativity. I would create silly fashion lines and sketch out all my ideas. I learned to sew from my mom, who is one of the most talented seamstresses with a wealth of knowledge and high standards regarding quality; all of which she passed down to me.

I have over 25 years’ experience sewing a variety of styles on industrial machines. Everything I create comes from the heart and is always from a genuine place of love for fashion, horror, and music! In an age of fast fashion, drop-shippers, and bandwagon-jumpers looking for a quick buck, I’ve always remained true to my DIY roots and always will.

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